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Explore why Students choose Atlanta english institute

Academic Excellence

The Atlanta English Institute is celebrating more than 28 years of academic excellence in ESL Training. AEI has been awarded and maintains accreditation from multiple educational organizations such as CEA, the Commission on English Language Accreditation. We also keep affiliations & memberships with several ESL groups like TESOL, GATESOL, and English USA.

AEI is a stand-alone private language training school. The school aims to build solid academic foundations and foster communication, as well as the skills and knowledge to achieve personal, professional and academic success. AEI does this through the context of a nurturing environment which models integrity and excellence.

From more detail about our accreditations and affiliations, visit our About Us page.

Experience English

The AEI campus provides the opportunity for students to experience English first hand in America. Being immersed in the country where the language is spoken most fluently is key to learning quickly and achieving real-life fluency. Living in the center of where English is spoken provides obligatory practice in real-life situations each day. Experience the culture. Live the culture. Experience English at Atlanta English Institute.

For students unable to leave their home country, our online courses provide a way to Experience English through regular internet classes with AEI's native-speaking instructors and other students from around the world speaking English together.

Atlanta, GA

Our campus is conveniently located within the heart of metro Atlanta, Georgia, students get to experience all four seasons of weather in a major city with citizens that still maintain their southern charm. Atlanta is a diverse, friendly city with adventurous opportunities within reach in every direction including parks, mountains, lakes, sports, activities and attractions, and even the ocean is just a short drive away. The city has public transportation and all the necessities of a major city while being more affordable than other major US cities like New York or Los Angeles. Many businesses call Atlanta home, creating a dynamic economy and relative opportunities.

We Care

Atlanta English Institute has created an environment where students can feel most comfortable and productive. Our school operates as a student-centered learning institution with dedicated staff and resources available to ensure optimal learning. We understand the struggles, stresses, and needs of our students. AEI has experienced, trained staff and available resources to help minimize the stress and make student learning effective and efficient.

Native Speaking Instructors

One of the additional reasons students choose AEI is because they want instructors that are native speakers without an accent. In addition to being professional and experienced, our ESL instructors are native speakers of English. Our students learn American English from American instructors. Other credentials and requirements include a relevant college degree and TESOL Certification in teaching English as a Second Language – knowing how to communicate in a way that will help students progress and learn quickly. The majority of our faculty members hold advanced degrees and ESL certifications. They have been teaching approximately 12 years or more.

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